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Resource Travel creates original content from around the world to market brands across print, web and social. Most of our advertising material is produced internally, with a specialty in compelling, quality content that inspires our readers to transform their lifelong travel dreams into reality. 

Share Your Message With the World

Resource Travel's readers and followers have one thing in common: a deep addiction to travel and adventure. This is the foundation of our advertising services, as we leverage the purpose and practically behind a brand to resonate with our reader's lust for exploring. We give advertisers the opportunity to not only spread their message to our readers, but be a part of their most memorable adventures across the world.

Productions of the World Sponsorship

About the Sponsorship

"Productions of the World" is a 12-page travel feature showcased in each quarterly issue of Resource Magazine. For each feature, the RT editors work with sponsors to select a new destination to explore. The results are presented in the form of visual guides for the world's most remarkable locations. PoTW sponsorships integrate companies and brands through informative captions, lifestyle product photos, and travel tips, as well as web and social content for cross-platform promotion.

Each sponsorship includes a company logo as the presenting sponsors, a mention in the "Travel Tips" section, and a digital version of the feature published on the Resource Travel site. In addition, sponsors receive one branded blog post, highlighting a specific adventure surrounding the creation of the feature.

On social media, the sponsorship is promoted through Facebook and Instagram. Sponsors are always mentioned and tagged in this content.



- Logo Placement: This will appear in the opening spread of the feature article in Resource Magazine.

- "Travel Tips" Mention: Companies and brands will be directly mentioned in a relevant capacity in this section of the feature article.

- Branded Blog Post: This is comprised of exclusive content created throughout the production of the feature. The angle of this article is unique, specific, and different from the PoTW feature.

- Digital Version of PoTW Feature: The Productions of the World feature is published and promoted in its entirety on the Resource Travel site.

- 5 Facebook Posts: Sponsors will be mentioned and tagged in 5 Facebook posts surrounding the sponsorship. Each post contains exclusive, original imagery.

- 5 Instagram Posts: Sponsors will be mentioned and tagged in 5 Instagram posts surrounding the sponsorship. Each post contains exclusive, original imagery.

Price: $15,000

Branded Content

Branded Blog Post

Branded Blog Posts are produced by our staff writers and published on the Resource Travel site. In addition, they appear on the homepage, further driving readership to the content. These articles are thoughtfully crafted, designed to tell intriguing stories while showcasing the role of the brand in the story-telling process. The concept and direction of this content is determined and approved beforehand through a pre-production briefing.

Generally, branded blog posts range from 500-1,000 words with 10-15 images. This also includes links to company websites. The cost includes social media promotions and newsletter placement to boost the performance of the content.

Price: $1,500

Social Media

Resource Travel Instagram.png

RT Instagram Post

Instagram posts on the Resource Travel network include a photo or video, caption, as well as mentions/relevant hashtags for companies or brands. The imagery is sourced internally—and we accept content from brand ambassadors or photographers through a pre-screening process.

Price: $250


dont skip trip.jpg

RT Facebook Post

Facebook posts on Resource Travel promote company pages or branded blog posts, using trigger words and targeting to reach the desired demographic. The title and caption are optimized by the RT social team while images are sourced in-house to bring an engaging look to the content. These posts can also be "Boosted" to reach a larger audience.

Price: $200
Price: $500 (Boosted - approx. 20,000 views) 
Price: $1,000 (Boosted - approx. 50,000 views) 

Digital Advertising


RT Skyscraper

The Skyscraper, positioned on our sidebar, is visible on the home page and every article that's published. As our largest, most dynamic placement on the site, it's consistently in high demand and sized to make your artwork stand out.

Price: $6 CPM

RT Sidebar Position 1

Located toward the very top of our sidebar, this placement is visible on every post and page that's published. The square sizing is classic in digital advertising, and generally sees strong engagement. 

Price: $5 CPM