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Resource Travel celebrates the adventure and wanderlust that lives in
all of us. With an emphasis on visual travel stories from around the world, RT aims to inspire travelers of all types to continue exploring and sharing their experiences. We tell the unique stories that make world travel no longer seem like a dream; we encourage our community to take a leap of faith and think creatively, no matter the destination.


The World at Your Fingertips

Resource Travel brings readers along for the adventure as we showcase the most incredible places on the planet. From the ever-changing culture of Cuba to the frigid glaciers of Iceland, RT creates beautiful and unique content to inspire our community of dedicated, passionate explorers. We help highlight our partners by incorporating their message into meaningful content, imagery and stories. 

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Social Media

Beautiful photos, videos and stories from around the world are rapidly consumed via social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide an escape for travel junkies who are between trips or planning their next adventure. Our social media team inspires this community through a combination of original photography and submissions from our readers. We also give brands the opportunity to reach our network of travel consumers through compelling imagery paired with practical information surrounding a destination, product or service.

Productions of The World

PoTW is a 12-page travel photography feature showcased in each quarterly
issue of Resource Magazine. For each feature, the Resource Travel editors select a new destination to explore. The results are presented in the form of visual guides for the world's most remarkable destinations. PoTW sponsorships are also offered, which integrate companies and brands through informative captions, lifestyle product photos, and travel tips.


Web Stories

Telling compelling stories using words, photos and video is not only what we love to do—it's what we do best. Strong, SEO friendly blog posts make it possible to share our partner's vision today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

I wanted real and raw experiences. I wanted to go to places that were rarely accessible. Places that included a little danger, and a lot of planning. When you have to suffer a little for your work, it makes it that much more rewarding.
— Chris Burkard, Adventure Photographer and filmmaker

Our Readers

Resource Travel appeals to a targeted demographic of experienced travelers and travel photographers. They are educated, passionate, and live for worldwide adventure. 



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Guided by Influencers, Captured by Professionals

Resource Travel's in-house video team works with influential travel filmmakers around the world to capture the planet's most diverse and profound locations.