Sidebar- Medium Rectangle: Web Banner

Sidebar- Medium Rectangle: Web Banner

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We offer a variety of digital advertising options, designed for fast results that can be monitored and optimized for the duration of a campaign. This includes site banners with competitive CPMs (cost per thousand impressions), social media blasts, and weekly newsletter placements. If you're looking to gain immediate eyes on your company, product or service, we can make it happen—and also provide detailed performance reports for gaining insight on your company's advertising tactics. 

Impressions, Clicks and Conversions

The premise of effective digital advertising is to get as many eyes on your ad as possible, then use that data to optimize the remaining campaign. We often see the best results when clients provide alternate versions of their artwork, so we can draw data-driven conclusions on what resonates best with our readers. Our system is also equipped to display a handful of media, including static image banners, JavaScript, HTML5 animation, and more, visible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 


These rectangular sidebar banners are situated between our featured articles and Skyscraper, and have been a staple of our site since we launched our digital advertising services. They can also be viewed from every post and page on Resource—and a great place for rotating artwork.

*All orders are filled within 90 days from the campaign’s flight date.

Price: $16 CPM

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