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Our foundation

In an age where photography is a universal language, YouTube Is the new cable tv and podcasts killed the radio star DUMBO Media Co. is cultivating a group of media companies to bring your brand to the masses with a one-stop media buying solution. We do the work for you, building powerful campaigns for your budget, timeline, and unique goals.

Company Wide Stats

Monthly Impressions
Email Contacts
Instagram 747,000
Facebook 2,036,638
YouTube 507,600
Twitter 1,039,300


"What are you doing to make your brand different -- not better? Think of 5 things in the next 5 minutes that helps your brand stand out from the noise."                                       - Chase Jarvis
"Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service - it sells an experience around your business."                                 -Rebekah Radice
"If you want engagement, be engaging. Be conversational. Ask questions. Leave room for your audience to add their voice."                                                                                                   -Darren Rowse
Thinking differently

Our Vision

Creative culture is progressing faster than ever. Media and social media platforms are giving billions an unprecedented global voice to share their creativity and ideas. DUMBO Media Co. is working with some of the leading media companies to bring you direct access to the audiences who strive to inspire and be inspired. Create with us.
Great tools to help

Media solutions

Display Units

Gain the benefits of Display advertising, such as fast brand building, large reach and effective targeting and real time conversion measuring. Display advertising can affect consumers at every stage of the marketing funnel from awareness, education and evaluation to proposal and purpose. Target by geographic, demographic and content relevancies. [Just get yourself 500k impressions, it’ll be good, trust us. Hahah]


Connect with your audience on the inherently intimate medium, as loyal listeners following the wit and wisdom of incredible voices to stay inspired and informed.

Custom Content

With a multi-media approach, we'll help improve visibility for your brand; cut through the search engine clutter, position yourself as an authority, nurture and retain existing customers, and educate and entertain to attract new customers. We'll let your goals drive our creative content ideas.


Live online or in-person, we bring you events that engages with your audience through meaningful and positive experiences, with activities you can leverage to connect with your audience. (Yeah, it's more than just logos, signage and promotions... but that's included too.)

Direct Email/ Newsletter

People are protecting their email addresses more and more, which makes them gold! People will receive email messages from only trusted entities. We’ve built that trust with our email and newsletter subscribers, and will allow only highly select and relevant companies to direct market via email to our lists.

Social Media

Direct access to the most diverse and largest association of content creators, image makers and motion creatives on a vast selection of social channels.

“Every time I took these bigger risks, the opportunity for a bigger payout was always there.”

-Casey Neistat
marketing right

Your Solution

DUMBO Media Co. offers a range of personalized marketing solutions for companies and brands across print, web, events and social platforms. Our in-house advertising team consists of talented creatives and marketing experts committed to helping your company cut through the noise, becoming immersed in our global audience of creators, and the people they inspire.
You hustle. We hustle. Let's all hustle together.
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